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At Home Workout with Your Baby

At Home Workout with Your Baby

Kevin and I try to live a healthy and active lifestyle. After having my daughter Ella, going to the gym became more of a challenge. Because she is so young, I  haven't felt comfortable enough to get a babysitter. I gained over 60lbs while pregnant, which was a very hard reality to face. I was a college cheerleader and have always focused on staying fit and was determined to get back to my normal self. Three months postpartum, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by doing at home workouts. Working out at home has been a great way to get back in shape, but has also turned into fun playtime with Ella. I thought I would share a quick circuit to do with your baby! Of course make sure she looks the part by wearing Yogababy!

Start by doing a quick dynamic warm-up

1. 20 Jumping Jacks

2. Alternating Knee Hugs Each Side

3. High Knees 20

4. Butt Kicks

5. Full Body Stretch

Complete Circuit Below 5 times have fun smiling at your babe throughout!

1. Jump Squats- Lay your baby down on the mat in front of you. Jump up in the air then squat to tap her belly each time you squat. Alternate hands each time. This usually gets Ella cracking up.  20 Reps See images below

2. Isometric Low Hold Push Ups. With your baby laying down on the  mat in front of you set up in a plank in front of her. Lower down to a push up position and hold for 5 seconds before pushing back up. Make sure you give her a kiss each time! 10 Reps

3. Hip Thrust Iso Hold. Use a medicine ball (or a couch or chair will work) and position your upper back on the edge. Raise your hips and hold. Lift your baby up the air above you. Make sure to squeeze your glutes!  Hold for 45 seconds

4. Walking Lunges- You can use dumbbells or hold your baby instead! 10 Lunges on each leg

5. Abs- 50 Reps any ab workout of your choice!

Repeat Circuit 5 times for a quick but effective workout!





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