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Yogababy Interview with Fox59

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CARMEL, Ind.-- The Lynch family active and on the go. Jessica Lynch, mother of the family, is a former University of Michigan cheerleader and dad plays professional hockey-- so they love workout clothes.

One day they decided their baby should be able to wear workout clothes too. Fast forward to today and they're now the owners of Yoga Baby Clothing.

Ella, who is just seven months old, was their inspiration.

"So when I was dressing her up in all these cute clothes she got for her shower and when she was born it just wasn't making sense. We'd go to the grocery store she look like she was walking the runway and I looked like I just had rolled out of bed," said Lynch.

That's when Jessica and her husband Kevin came up with the idea for yoga baby clothing.This past November Jessica started looking for a partner by searching through the Art Institute of Indianapolis alumni.

"And I found Ashley Yochum, who is our designer. And we partnered from the beginning coming up with the designs and we actually make all the product as well. So right now we purchased and industrial machine and we're making them kind of out our home," Jessica said.

In just a couple of months, the Yoga Baby Clothing website became reality and the team produced these pieces which sell for about $50 a set.

"All of our fabrics are very high quality. They are also wicking fabric so they dry really quickly so when she's spitting up all day long I don't have to change her constantly," Lynch said.

She says parents and babies are loving the product and they've even had international orders. Now, the long term goal is for this made in Indiana product to go wholesale and to a store near you.

Lynch and Yochum plan to launch the summer clothing and a boys line on March 1. To check out Yoga Baby Clothing, click here.


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