Quick Drying and Soft Fabric with Four Way Stretch
Although being a mom is the most wonderful blessing in the world, it comes with its challenges. Crying and lack of sleep were expected, but no one told me how many times a day we would have to change their outfits! That spit up just keeps coming and when teething happens, well... the drooling has only begun! As a first time mom, I am constantly concerned if her chest is too cold from all the moisture. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to start this line! Yogababy's fabric has moisture wicking capabilities that keeps your baby dry all day long! Spit up and drool isn't as easily absorbed, so we can quickly wipe away and continue on with our day. My favorite part is that even when it is wet, it doesn't leave that cold feeling on your baby's chest. We are so in love with this fabric and it WILL MAKE EVERY MOM'S LIFE A WHOLE LOT EASIER!