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"Fitness has always been a big part of my life. It makes me feel strong and energized and happy. And instead of giving that up when Presley was born, I wanted to include her. We love going on walks, stretching, and running around at the park picking up leaves and petting puppies! They are the perfect comfy and cute play outfits, and I sure they will always be the first thing you reach for when it’s time to get dressed for the day.
And of course I love the idea of matching with her while she’s still young, and thinks I’m cool;)

I was inspired to create this collection to share both my love for Yoga Baby Clothing, and for Fall! I love the way all of these pieces can be mixed and matched, and any of them will be great for a visit to the pumpkin patch, festival, or family trip. I’ll always be a fan of leopard print, so I was so excited to choose that for the mommy and me set. They are stretchy and soft, and made sure the mommy leggings are flattering for everyone. Hope y’all love them as much as I do!"